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10 Sep

But are we being unfair, giving teenagers a hard time for no real reason? Can you seriously claim that today's youth are that much worse than the mods and rockers of the former generation?

Jack Mc Laughlin, 16, a student at Lake View Senior College, was 'jumped on' as his mobile phone was stolen outside Caroline Springs police station, in Melbourne's northwest.

In the words of Harry Enfield's creation, Kevin the teenager: "It's so unfair." Yesterday, the case against the British teenager was being led by the IPPR who claimed that more than 1.5 million Britons had considered moving home because of young people "hanging around" their neighbourhood.

A teenage boy was injured after dozens of Sudanese youths went on a stampede through a family festival in suburban Melbourne and stole mobile phones.

Individuals are treated as adults at the age of 18, with some exceptions, such as drinking alcoholic beverages (12-47-901), renting cars, and purchasing a hotel room.

When an individual reaches the age of majority his or her parents are no longer liable for their child's actions.