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You also learned about the importance of community and how the Aloha Spirit contributed to your success as a student and your own personal evolution.

On July 21, 1978, Gerry Rafferty performed "Baker Street" on the NBC-TV late night musical variety program 'The Midnight Special'... I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was heavily bumming. but then there came this song from the little radio I carried with me when going to the shore. It robs them of everything -- but at least Gerry Rafferty's song lives on beyond him...addiction did not take that from him as he wrote a haunting tale to tell about it.

He had five other Top 100 records, his next two biggest hits were "Right Down The Line" and "Days Gone Down" ... In my imagination the song is talking about someone who sank a lot of time and effort into living in this place, I thought to be Las Vegas, yet things apparently did not work out... And of course, I would imagine all of that, because at the time, in my very young life I had met a young man, who sadly turned out to be an alcoholic and I had to break up with him. Immediately south of the station is an air-polluted street-canyon - no wonder Rafferty couldn't wait to go back home!

Gerald Rafferty passed away at the age of 63 on January 4th, 2011... I imagined this to be a Las Vegas showgirl who wanted more out of life, in her career and her personal life. of wanting something so badly and yet it alludes the person. It was painful at the time, but a great decision on my part - as I did not want to be saddled with the nightmare of alcoholism to haunt me and rob me of a peaceful, productive life. Needless to say, by far the best reason to visit Baker Street is to see the unlikely inspiration for a magnificent (and poignant, given the manner of Rafferty's own death) pop song.

When she comes in - he's drinking and they start to drink together as he talks about his dreams of buying land, settling down and yet - he never does. I decided - with Internet in hand (light years away from 1978) to google 'Baker Street' only to realize that Gerry Rafferty was singing about a place the U. Rafferty seems he's singing about the rut he's in, the disappointments and trying to kick his habit, that he never really kicks. Rafferty sang so many great songs...a beautiful voice and a talented musician. Though it made him world-famous, he was only paid 27 pounds for the recording session (and in a possibly apocryphal story, it's said the check bounced). Interesting that the Foo Fighters version is also absolutely wicked, but so different to the original.

In later years he said he was upset with the song because the saxophone was out-of-tune... A real tribute to a great song and a great re-interpretation."Another year and then you'll be happy. But you're crying, you're crying now." and "When you wake up it's a new morning. And you're going, you're going home.." are the lyrical phrases that stick out for me in reference to my friend Dave.