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27 Sep

This project builds from the work done by Taylor Meeks KG7BBG ( The GPS module provides NMEA messages via a two wire serial port (tx/rx). The messages are sent to the Arduino, using a software serial port (Alt Soft Serial), and are parsed, filtered and reformatted for the Yaesu.

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Nota: la numerazione inizia da C (Gennaio) ad N (Dicembre).

Arduino code for buidling Yaesu VX-8R Handheld Transmitter-compatible GPS The Yaesu VX-8R HT for amateur radio VHF/UHF bands has a built-in APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) TNC (Terminal Node Controller) to operate as an APRS Beacon transmitter and receiver.

The code is very flexible, modular, and easy to read allowing intermediate and advanced experimenters and builders to customize it.

This unit can be interfaced with Yaesu rotator controller using the standard 6 pin DIN port on the back.

It can be easily interfaced with commercial rotator control units.

Older controllers may not have the DIN interface and will require opening and soldered connections.

This unit does not disable the rotator controller and all controls on it can continue to be used (although it is advisable not to attempt to control the rotator with manual controls and with the interface simultaneously.) The schematic above shows a basic setup supporting a 4 bit interface LCD, azimuth and elevation voltage inputs, manual buttons, and a single variable speed voltage output.

The code was designed to work with a specific GPS module (Ublox neo-6m), but should be easily adapted or extended to other NMEA-compatible GPS devices or required features.

The unit was tested as a automobile beacon transmitter, and provided acurate tracking information as reported by the