Xref layers not updating

17 Oct

Block Manager Block Definitions Name Displays a list of block definitions in the model.Link Status Displays the status of block instances linked to external files.What is the go with the new XREF Management function??!I hadn't had the need to play with it much in 8 or 8.1, but it seems vastly different than in 7. These may be new features (and if so please enlighten me), but they seem more like bugs to me, and go against the very nature they were designed for: In 7 if we detached an XREF, it would get rid of all the layers that the XREF brought in with it. This doesn't seem to be the case in 8 or 8.1 (build 1290).

If you’re familiar with Auto CAD, you might know that you can link multiple drawings together using an XREF.The missing block location is marked with a text dot object listing the missing block name.Hidden blocks in current model Show hidden block definitions Allows display of block names beginning with * (asterisk character).The updated reference drawing loads as expected and Publishes correctly (new changes present) .Any subsequent change to the xref still does not show up in the Graphics after a Publish. Thanks \ken publish xrefs property is set before publishing. It is true that old xref data remains in the system when you republish, so it's possible that for some reason if an xref reference does not update in the original drawing, the old xref will still be rendered. Can you confirm this issue only happens to drawings with CI-10 xrefs attached?