Xmlinputfactory is validating

26 Nov

And in future, with other pluggable schema factories, for other schemas like W3C Schema as well.

I want to mimic the Create File Mapping windows functions which allow you to write in memory. The goal is to write in memory in order for another program ( c ) to read it.

As everyone know, for such a file I better have to use a SAX parser (which will go along the file and call for events if something relevant is found.) My current problem is that I would like to process the file "by chunk" which means: Parse the file and find a relevant tag (node) Load this tag entirely in memory (like we would...

Is there a way to specify which XML parser cxf uses? Our app has the Woodstox parser on its classpath, and cxf seems to be using that by default.

Traditionally, XML APIs are either: Both have advantages: DOM, for example, allows for random access to the document, and event driven algorithm like SAX has a small memory footprint and is typically much faster.

These two access metaphors can be thought of as polar opposites.