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24 Aug

What the nickname doesn’t do, however, is explain why so many of these younger guys have been more exciting, more in tune with our needs and desires, and much more willing to let pretenses fly out the window and just enjoy the time spent together than the people our own age.

Is it that we don’t really believe it will go anywhere so we allow ourselves to just enjoy the moment, thereby having more fun with the younger guy than someone our age?

Anyways, if u want to chatting with me, u could check me over @ date-galaxy.com? Well, if you want to talking with me, you can find me over at dating-plaza.org? This leads me to believe that this thread is working well. Can't they have some sort of chatting program here?

Well, i h8 writing messages to people, and maybe not getting an answer.

If you liked someone, you just hung out at ice cream shops in the summer, it wasn’t so hard.If you’re attempting to date, sex, or just basically be in the presence of someone you know has, at the very least, probably more life experience than you – you’ve gotta have some pretty big cahones on you.And we all know there’s not too much sexier to a woman than confidence.My feelings on open relationships have fluctuated to the area of, “Perhaps it is necessary to have some needs met outside of a marriage, if ALL aren’t being met inside and the relationship is otherwise amazing,” to “Hmm, I don’t think I could handle the emotional and health risks of my partner or myself having an extracurricular partner.” This weekend something amazing happened – I started thinking about marrying my boyfriend.When, in the past, I considered the possibility of marriage equality in New York I, of course, expected to feel happy, but what I hadn’t anticipated was how it would change the way I feel about my relationship.