Wordpress feed not validating

02 Nov

Your feed may be valid, but if it's too slow, it times out and will be the same as if it was inaccessible.If your subscribers have been forced to redownload your old episodes, it could mess up your stats and annoy your audience.Hope this helps some people with an XML validation error. It is not uncommon to encounter problems with your blog or podcast feeds and it is important to know how to resolve these issues.

Here’s an example of what it looks like: Once you add the widget to your sidebar in the Customizer, you’ll see the following widget settings: There are RSS feeds all over the web.

Note: Feed has not been updated in some time, and often will give confusing warnings.

The only time you need to investigate deeply is when the feed is reported by Feed Validator as no longer valid.

It had to be more simple because I tried deactivating my plugins – that didn’t work.

Then I tried switching themes to the default Twenty Twelve – and that worked, so it had to be something in my theme. I just removed all the spaces before and after the closing php tag and PRESTO – all is good everywhere.