Women who roleplay mommy chat

28 Dec

Though i dont think of my mother like that, the idea of a older woman mothering me up, giving me bath, fondling me and initiating me in to sex has been my turn on fantasy. Althogh nowadays the MILF and cougar thing have become common, the country i live in these things are totally unreal.I read somewhere that men with submissive tendencies are into older women. I would like to snap away from these thoughts and have normal sexual thoughts and dream about woman of my age.Access is prohibited to minors, and may be in violation of local, state and federal laws!

SO, Instead, I’m here with some helpful tips on how to BLOCK an ANON.

You are about to enter I Need a Mommy " which is a adult oriented website featuring legal aged women over 19 years of age, they are professional adult baby mommy mommies mothers moms who are roleplaying adult baby fantasies fantasy video story scenarios scenes ab/dl abdl adult baby boy diaper punishment age regression stories who need a mommy north america ab mommy list links videos story movie mpegs dvd download buy ab men in diapers diaper changing sissy pissy pants boy poopy pants sissification sissyfication put forced to wear diapers adults infantilism feeding eating mushy baby food .

If you are under 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community, please leave now. We are not acting in any way to send you this information; you are choosing to receive it!

This was NOT sent to me, but to a close and dear friend of mine who I roleplay with quite regularly.

This post isn’t just to condone this behavior, because hey, shitty people sadly will always exist in this world.