Whos dating plies

24 Oct

Cut loose that future investment-banking sociopath. Do they call members of opposing teams "gay" a lot? Head over to the lake and watch the women row crew! Pete Carroll is the Seahawks' head coach, and is the least "football coach" football coach in the NFL.He makes his players do yoga and tries to build up their self-esteem. Richard Sherman is amongst the Seahawks' best defenders (the team plays really good defense) and is also famous for yelling at TV cameras.But then the next day he couldn't see them anymore, and each one has a different reason why - he was married, he was gay, etc. We meet Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) who is explaining to yet another woman that he is really a secret agent and has endangered his mission by revealing too much to her.He says he has to go and jumps off the pier onto a moving jetski, and when the man driving it asks what he's doing he says that he'll pay him to just keep going.

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Remember when you were a kid, and your grandma left you alone in the kitchen, and said “don’t take any cookies from the cookie jar,” but there were like 17 cookies in the jar, so you took one thinking she wouldn’t notice, but when she came back in the kitchen you started acting all guilty like you know she knows you took a cookie?

The only other thing that’s ever made this many men this self-conscious is Lexington Steele. Let’s just say that 60% of the men in America are spending this week vacillating between feeling bad for Jay Z and being mad at Jay Z for doing whatever he did with Becky With The Good Hair and putting the spotlight on all of us.

It’s one thing to do some fuckshit when you have 600 million to fall back on.

Ula plies Henry for details, saying that he lives vicariously through him.

Henry explains in a roundabout way that he's commitment-phobic, so one night stands with tourist women are all he can handle.