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Youth learned the basics of web development, group decision-making, app development and planning, media literacy, research planning and implementation, and developing data systems.

The group is developing a prototype web-based interactive timeline to be shared widely in the program’s third year.

As a teenager, I am hopelessly vain, but right beneath the surface is something cracking. Sean switches the CD in my blue Sony player, and soon we are sprawled on my bed to the pop opera croons of Il Divo.

We flip through the album booklet of picking out our perfect boyfriends. When there is an Il Divo concert later that summer in Dallas, Sean and I will be the only two Asians in a sea of middle-aged white women.

The Media History Timeline is an interactive timeline that links our personal histories with larger histories of social struggle and popular movements for justice, and explores the role of media in these histories.

Currently, it is also a workshop curriculum that educators and organizers can use to create a timeline with those they are working with.

Youth want the user/audience to add their personal experiences with the police, in schools, and with media in order to connect young people to organizing happening on the ground.Recognition of , all of which have been nominated in the most popular Australian drama categories."A program no one's watched is likely to be across most of the night - 2.5 million eyes will glaze over and people go, 'Huh? deserved to be recognised at Australia's premier television awards ceremony, which will be hosted for the first time by three personalities from the commercial networks."I'm going to be controversial and say it's a sign that the industry recognises that we are an integral part of the industry," he said."Having said that, I am bemused to read that the networks think they are taking an ecumenical approach this year by using three hosts from three different networks.