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13 Dec

That's because so many of our faves killed it in the fashion department, but of course not everyone was a style winner.Tara Reid and Bella Thorne, for example, could've done A LOT better. CLICK HERE to view "Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

They also appeared to have overcome their other big test, Memphitz wanting to leave Atlanta for L.

But, in July 2010 it looked like the two had patched things up when they were spotted partying on vacation together in France.

But they were confronted by Tara, 40, also having given admitting earlier to a producer earlier their key motivation for being there, saying: 'Part of the reason we did the show is he owes money in taxes, and he could use the money, and he wouldn't mind the fame.'Dean quickly flipped out, accusing his 'best friend' of 'throwing everybody under the bus' - and it soon became clear that even though they are not a couple their ferocious fights were not necessarily all an act.

but it just drives home the fact that they really never seem to be getting along, let alone in love.

Oh yeah — and their fight isn't even the only thing causing drama this week, because the couples have to endure a surprise lie detector test that will prove whether they can really trust each other!