Who is susan george dating

03 Jan

On one occasion Farenthold allegedly told his aides that a 'female lobbyist had propositioned him for a "threesome."' On another, Greene says, the congressman told her that he and his 'estranged' wife Debbie had not had sex in years.Greene also charged that after the chief of staff complained that her shirt was 'transparent' and he could see her nipples, Farenthold told his personal assistant that as far as he was concerned, Greene 'could show her nipples whenever she wanted to.'And she said Farenthold told another staff member that he had 'sexual fantasies' and 'wet dreams' about her.

He'll be disappointed, I guess.'Farenthold has a colorful history that might get him bounced from Congress anywhere but south Texas.

Unlike their father, Tony and Raffi are inclined towards Republican.

Anyways, looking at the children, we can say that Juan and Susan have given them a remarkable upbringing.

Buzzfeed discovered in December 2014 that he had registered the Internet domain 'blow-me.org' back in 1999. Collins (left) was one of three Republican women in the Senate – another was Alaska's Lisa Murkowski (right) – who said last week that they wouldn't vote for the Obamacare repeal and put themselves in the arm-twisting crosshairs of President Donald Trump At about the same time a former communications director to the tea party congressman sued him for wrongful termination, alleging that he sexually harassed her on multiple occasions.

Lauren Greene claimed he 'regularly drank to excess' and had 'a tendency to flirt' at Capitol Hill functions with women who were not his wife.