Who is robert de niro dating

06 Feb

President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance on Spike TV's roast of Alec Baldwin -- One Night Only: Alec Baldwin.Most of the night was filled with Alec's family, friends, and co-stars taking shots at the legendary actor.Where, on the set of Cape Fear, De Niro caught somebody looking at their watch and the person is yelled at, because it was like: ‘we are making art’.“And I understand what you mean, it’s as if we’re looking at him for some great example of what he was and I still believe it’s there, I still believe it’s in all of these great actors, but you have to create the environment for them.” The podcast episode is well worth checking out, filled with anecdotes from the era (Douglas was once in a long-term relationship with Scorsese) and looking at how the way films are made and consumed has drastically changed.The executive producers are Cinelou’s Scott Karol, the Fyzz Facility’s Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones, Mad Riot Entertainment’s Mark Axelowitz and Lawrence Smith, as well as Iain Abrahams, Peter Sobiloff, Dennis Pelino, and Fredy Bush.

Details on the plot and storyline are scarce, though the project is believed to be serialized.O’Russell, De Niro, and Moore are all repped by CAA.Sony Pictures Classics has dated Robert De Niro’s “The Comedian” for release on Feb. Taylor Hackford directed the film from Art Linson’s script."Tonight he's stuck with a boring former president trapped in the reality-based world," Clinton said, "I wouldn't know an alternative fact if it hit me in the face." The 42nd President of the United States then talked about how Alec ran for student body president while attending George Washington University.Clinton joked that Alec took the "then-classic path from politics into soap operas," adding, "And now that we know it works the other way around, you need to think about running again.