Who is mcfly dating

01 Dec

Fox and Christopher Lloyd, for an ad based around the movie.

The full version won't break until October 21 for obvious reasons, but the teaser, seen here, breaks today and features the pair discussing what "Back to the Future" got right.

With Kefalas launching an exploratory committee and Mc Fly’s on-air image, the couple didn’t want their work life to get in the way of real life.

Or to put it in Washington-speak: “I didn’t want it to seem like a political play,” said Mc Fly, who met Kefalas over a big plate of fajitas and margaritas in 2013.

Such japes are often digitally perpetrated by altering screenshots taken from the movie and replacing the value seen in the “Destination Time” field of the De Lorean’s time travel panel with the current date (or one in the near future), as seen in this example from 2012: Among other implementations of this hoax, a Tumblr page has been established that automatically creates images with the date of Marty’s arrival matching the current date, to make it easier for people to troll their gullible friends.

It isn’t difficult to find a definitive answer about the true date when Marty Mc Fly will return, however.

So after a ton of online research and ring shopping with his fellow radio hosts, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer, Mc Fly decided to pop the question on a “half knee half couch situation” at their home.

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Marty Mc Fly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered De Lorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist. Fox and Tracy Pollan have 27 years of marriage under their belt.Despite their ups and downs the long-standing couple promised that protection is one of the keys to their success.Today we mark that fateful fictional moment in 1955 when Dr.Emmet Lathrop Brown fell while hanging a clock in his bathroom, knocking himself unconscious but spurring the dream of a time travel device that he would build 30 years later for Marty Mc Fly to travel back in time, turning the Twin Pines Mall into the Lone Pine Mall and making out with his own mother.