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11 Oct

‘It is normally the mundane that gets you,’ she said. Inexplicably, Mark fell from his bedroom window and crash-landed on to concrete, fracturing his skull and breaking his spine. It may be one of the keys to helping paralysed people.’And he gives an example to show how his paralysis affects every single moment of the couple’s lives.

‘If I want to turn over in bed at night, I have to be physically wide awake and use my arms to lift up my legs, and then I disturb Simone.’He and Simone travelled to Los Angeles earlier this year to take part in a ground-breaking experiment.

He broke his back in three places and is paralysed from the waist down.

The run takes place in 45 cities across the world and raises money for research into a cure for paralysis.

No romance: Simone and Xavier had very unromantic final morning together, with Simone once again expressing concerns about her groom's lack of romance...

A film about Simone and Mark, called Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock Story (released in Ireland and coming to the UK in the New Year), tells how they have overcome seemingly impossible hurdles.

Light in the dark: Blind athlete Mark Pollock, 38, pictured with fiance Simone George, fell out of a two-storey-high window in 2010, broke his back in three places, and is now paralysed from the waist down Originally from Holywood in County Down, Northern Ireland, Mark was five when he went blind in one eye aged five from a retinal detachment.

She was funny, human and honest before she was anything else and listeners picked up on that right away.”Simone, who remained good friends with Samuels, says was a trailblazing talker.“She was a big liberal, which is unusual in radio,” Simone says.

“She was actually a liberal that had real success in mainstream radio.”Even though Samuels could roll up her sleeves and talk politics, she was at her best as a female version of Andy Rooney, waxing poetic on life’s everyday foibles.“She was candid, outspoken and rabble-rousing to the max.