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25 Jan

He's a graduate of Stanford University, having majored in communications, and as an aspiring musician, enjoys rapping and writing lyrics.

He is fluent in French, which helps him socialize with women in France.

I had done mostly ballet and modern dance before I came here and so I just tried to find how to find auditions--I didn’t know anything. I had the most success in musical theatre auditions so that ended up being a path that I took as opposed to doing like a modern dance company or something like that. I had known for a long time that I wanted to move to New York City after college. I didn’t really realize that it would be as hard as people say it is until I experienced that first major rejection. I think about this a lot now that I’ve come so far with it. She was singing along with our song, and she wasn’t that great of a singer. So, I grew up with teachers who had that mentality, even when I was in college.

It was, in a way, good for me to be with someone that I knew, and to be in a place where I felt really safe. Coming from dance major, I didn’t know what kind of dance I wanted to do professionally. That’s why I am a dancer.” And decades ago, 70’s, 80’s, even in the 90’s, dancers weren’t really expected to sing, at least not really well because they would hire separate singers and dancers.

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