Who is kenny chesney dating currently

29 Nov

Ok, Calvin wasn't the first person she hugged after winning Top Billboard 200 Album -- but he IS the only one who got an extended hug combined with a neck snuggle.

They haven't exactly been undercover, but this qualifies as a full couple coming out. the seating chart called for Taylor to sit with 2 friends between herself and her BF.

Apart from the normal sexiness worship, however, if you Google "Luke Bryan divorce" one of the first results that pops up is a bit of fan fiction someone wrote about Luke getting divorced and falling in love with the writer. You can read it here if that's something that floats your boat.

There is also one story out there that says that Luke might possibly be single.

Next The contrast we like to see within our country music community is the difference between those who spend their net worth on lavish lifestyles and those who live modestly.

You’ll be surprised by which stars spend their money and how they choose to do so.

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After their nuptials, Toby adopted Tricia’s daughter Shelley and the couple went on to welcome daughter Krystal and son Stelen into the family.

In the early days of their marriage, the couple struggled financially as Keith worked the oil fields for ,000 a year while also dabbling in music.

Once the oil industry hit a downturn, the future star took leap of faith to pursue a music career. Success finally hit in 1993, when Keith’s self-titled debut album went platinum.

County music star Toby Keith (aka Toby Keith Covel) first laid eyes on his future wife, Tricia Lucas, at an Oklahoma nightclub in 1981 when he was just 20-years-old and she was 19.

After three years of dating, the pair got hitched on March 24, 1984 and have since enjoyed 33 years of wedded bliss.