Who is iggy azalea dating 2016

17 Aug

She won Favorite Hip-Hop Artist at the 41st People's Choice Awards.French Montana and Iggy Azalea have the rumor mills buzzing with whispers of a budding romance between the two rappers.In late 2011, Azalea was in a relationship with fellow rapper ASAP Rocky.The relationship ended somewhere in the middle of 2012.While many of us see her as one of America’s success stories, her home country sees her as the native who’s lost her identity in her search for fame and happiness.

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Her debut studio album The New Classic was released in April 2014.

On the trip, the two rappers were caught locking lips Yacht-side which for many sealed the deal of a romance brewing.

Since then, there have been several instances that have raised eyebrows between Iggy and French.

Her album, Nearly Civilized the EP, is currently available and you can watch her single video “Do It Again” on VEVO.

She’s also getting schooled by fans about the dangers of dating Nick Young on her social media pages.