Who is harry styles dating november 2016

01 Dec

Sadly those times have changed and the one time friends are now bitter rivals.There friendship started to sour when Zayn Malik unceremoniously left the band in March 2015.He tries to make it so he is capturing natural reactions to stuff,' he said about his time working on the film.'I think as hard as it would ever be on set, everyone was very aware of how, in comparison to what obviously people would have been through, this was nothing.''We got to go home and shower at the end of the day.That obviously makes it much easier to deal with,' Harry added.So the truth is, I cast Harry because he fit the part wonderfully and truly earned a seat at the table." The same goes for star Mark Rylance, who plays a fisherman who aids in the evacuation, having only learned of Styles' vast popularity through his 11-year-old niece. "She was just more excited than anything I've ever done because I was going to be acting with Harry Styles," Rylance said, whose niece is clearly less interested in his Oscar and three Tonys.

The album - which was released on May 12 - topped the Billboard 200 album chart with over 230,000 equivalent album units sold, making it the biggest debut sales week for a U. Harry also becomes the second UK male artist to debut in the number one spot, following in the footsteps of former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, who topped the charts with his own solo album Mind of Mine last year.

Although he is now a fully-fledged solo artist, Harry recently hailed his time in One Direction, admitting he looks back on his years with the band with great fondness.

He said: 'The thing that I'm happiest about is that I didn't leave there in a place of, 'I feel so suppressed.' I never felt like I was faking it. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.' Meanwhile reports suggest that Simon Cowell has lined the heartthrob up for an X Factor job.

In character: 'Chris kind of creates this world view where you don't have to act that much.

He tries to make it so he is capturing natural reactions to stuff,' Harry said about working with acclaimed director Christopher Nolan'And I think exploring that was kind of the most fun part for us,' he continued.