Who is gary valentine dating

02 Oct

He also had a cameo in Jerry Seinfeld's documentary, Comedian.

More recently, he makes occasional appearances as a round table comedian on the popular E!

He has two siblings, a brother named Kevin George Knipfing known as Kevin James, who is also an actor and a sister named Leslie Knipfing.

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A comedian who played Cousin Danny on "King of Queens" has filed a lawsuit against a woman who he claims falsely accused him of sexual assault after a night of consensual oral sex.He is best known for his role as Danny Heffernan on The King of Queens, playing the cousin of principal character Doug Heffernan (performed by his real life brother Kevin James) for nine seasons.Elsewhere on the small screen, he notably appeared on the television show Men of a Certain Age, which was written and directed by Ray Romano, and met with critical acclaim., 1961 in Mineola, which lies in New York, in the United States. Please come back to read all about any other celebrities. Not everyone can reach the height of success as he has! Garold Joseph Knipfing is known by the stage name of Gary Valentine and most people know him only by his stage name, rather than his birth name. Many times, people were confused between Garold Joseph Knipfing and Gary Lachman as both shared the same stage name. Garold Joseph is an actor and comedian whereas Lachman is songwriter and bass player for a band called Blondie.