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24 Aug

so now I feel I have lesbian tendencies (how reluctantly I write this)." Aged 16, she writes of her first sexual encounter, with a woman only referred to as "H", to protect her identity: "Perhaps I was drunk, after all, because it was so beautiful when H began making love to me .... I became fully conscious that I desired her, she knew it, too...." Speaking from his home in New York this weekend, Mr Rieff spoke of the difficulties he had with publishing such frank and personal material.

Photographs of uniforms are erotic material, and particularly photographs of SS uniforms. Because the SS seems to be the most perfect incarnation of fascism in its overt assertion of the righteousness of violence, the right to have total power over others and to treat them as absolutely inferior.

According to , by Carl Rollyson and Lisa Paddock, the custody battle between Sontag and Rieff only strengthened the boy’s identification with his mother. David once conceded that their relations in the last 10 years of her life could be “strained and at times very difficult.” And Sontag herself once told the that her son “grew up on coats”—meaning the coats on the bed at parties.

But “[i]f she was not a caring mother in terms of domestic arrangements and day-to-day routines, she was supremely caring when it came to sharing access to her own quest for greatness with her son,” notes.

I shall anticipate pleasure everywhere and find it too for it is everywhere! Now, four years after her death, her personal diaries are to be published, unveiling an intimate portrait of her early life and her much talked- about sexuality.

Her opinions would anger and impress critics in equal measure.