Who is carrie fisher dating

04 Jan

"I almost choked on some kind of vegetable that I shouldn't have been eating: Brussels sprouts! At the Dragon*Con panel, she was positively adorable in a black, long-sleeved A-line dress with two giant, hot pink polka dots on the side pockets. I've created an epidemic of bipolar people." (In case any fellow con-goers are starting to get worried, it's not, and she hasn't.) "It's a very good crowd to be in," she added, taking a drag on an electronic cigarette. And, in return, she gave them what they wanted to hear: "I can tell you sh**," Fisher intimated to the audience as soon as she walked out and sat down. Luckily, Fisher has preserved many of those lost memories in her novels. Fisher has a new book, "Shockaholic," coming out sometime this fall (she's not exactly sure when, saying the process has been "a clusterf*** of insanity").

"It's fun for me to go back and look at them because they are very autobiographical and I have a bad memory," she said. I was reading 'Surrender the Pink' and I remember my relationship with Paul [Simon] that I'd forgotten. But instead of plugging her own book to the crowd, she dissed someone else's: "Please don't buy [Dick] Cheney's book," she pleaded.

Fisher told the D*C crowd that while she hated the white dress from "A New Hope," the famed metal bikini in "Return of the Jedi" was the worst of all.

"When I laid down, the metal bikini stayed up," she explained. Dan Akroyd saved her life and she almost married him in return.

When Carrie Fisher takes to the stage in front of around 5,000 Star Wars fans, magical things can happen.

Lourd famously left Fisher for a man, something she was publicly open about and discussed in her books.

Fisher, 60, died on December 27 in a California hospital, just days after she suffered a massive heart attack on a transatlantic flight.

Fisher’s death was announced in a statement by Billie Lourd, a 24-year-old actress.

readers, but I'm really not not a sci-fi fan convention kind of person.

Which is why the fact that I went to Dragon*Con, one of the biggest sci-fi conventions in the country, should tell you how much I love "Star Wars" heroine Carrie Fisher. I love Fisher's smart writing, her brutal honesty and her self-deprecating sense of humor enough to brave the crowd of 40,000 people at last weekend's Dragon*Con. So, here are some things I learned about the fabulous Ms. If you are a big enough fan, she'll make out with you. She has a love-hate relationship with George Lucas.