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20 Dec

Ke$ha was a good singer until she came down with sexual songs, and then became anorexic. Love the song blow Its good that Victoria justice and Keisha are the best top10000 2 singers and there the best singers than any other singer because Kesha is a good singer at blow Victoria is a good singer at begging on your knees because Victoria is a better singer than kesha. I like this episode because they are all trapped in a rv but don't know the thing that bloks it goes ahh ps fat biscits beell button is weird Beggin' on Your Knees Victoria Justice is my top 50 songs well done to the cast for the song at the end I might visit the cast someday I don't know what to say it was just so good I love how she stands up to him! I don't know why it's only 13th Sleepover at Schicowhitt's The best episode they have shot yet. Video Chat So funny when jade gets so suspicious about beck and trina just comes out with the most random but funny things It's actually called Wifi In The Sky! I love it how Cat is messing with the effects, and Andrea's Grandma is my favourite character of television history! The best parts are robbie with his broken glass song and where andre changed the favorite food in Song to you. LOL broken glass should he number 1 in the charts right now.

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Great songs, two hilarious plot lines, Jade and Cat getting some much needed spotlight... It's a shame Season 2 was such a disappointment after it. I think the best episode of victorious is when cat shaves jades eye brows off and then jade shaves cat hair off cute Pilot This is a really clever episode, because I love the ending. I think the number 1 episode though is "Freak the Freak Out".

The former Hollywood arts students with sexual tension rocked the sunglasses indoors look, and Justice posted the selfie to Instagram.

Tori and Beck, hung out on Thursday (November 17) and snapped a cute selfie sure to thrill Bori shippers everywhere.

Sikowitz walked in."Okay class, we'll be working on improvs today,"He then called Jade up to pick her group to which she picked Cat, Beck, Andre, and Tori.

At the end of the improve, Jade spilled a cup full of coffee all over Tori's head.