Who is april jeanette mendez dating uwe wllner speed dating

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And she has a boyfriend who fell in love with her and she's pregnant with his baby!!!!!!!!!!

April Jeanette Mendez is an American professional wrestler.

It’s no wonder that so many of them eventually started dating, and even got married to each other.

While not every “WAG” — Wives And Girlfriends — on this list works in the wrestling business, many of them definitely got their claims to fame by working in the industry.

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April Jeanette Mendez is the a sophomore in high school cheerleader who is love wit...

Many of these “Divas,” as they’ve been named, live the same lives as their male counterparts in the business, spending month after month on the road.Full Name: April Jeanette Mendez Nicknames: Ape, AJ, Crazy Chick, Spanky, and Nerdy girl Age:16Job: High School student/Cheerleader Hometown: New Jersey but move to Chicago Family: Mom, Dad Siblings:2 sisters,2 brother Relationship Status: Dating Philip Brooks Friends: Ling Xiaoyu, Katiyn, Lili, Chloe, Piage, Bayley Alisa, Kelly Kelly, Mickie,and Auska and Hitomi Enemies: Nikki and Brie, Lana, Karin, Blair, Sharon, Emma, Dana Brooke, Torrie, Victoria, Maryse,and Candice!!!!!!!!Personality: Funny, Sweet, Nice, Outstanding, Emotionally, Sexy, and nerdy girl!!!!!!!Here’s our look at the top 10 professional wrestling WAGs:10.Sable — Rena Marlette Lesnar, most commonly known to wrestling fans as “Sable,” is easily one of the most famous WWE divas of all time. Lesnar was actually Rena’s third husband overall, and second husband who was a professional wrestler; she was once married to former WWF Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero.