Who does idris elba dating

27 Dec

Recently a coy Aidan Turner pulled a similar trick by dodging question at the National Television Awards and walking away from a red carpet interview.

Similarly Damian Lewis was asked about rumours surrounding him.

In fact, it's likely to do lasting damage to your self-esteem.

He struts, all six-foot-two-and-a-half of him; I (5'11") as good as shuffle.

As it stands Aidan Turner, James Norton and Tom Hardy are frontrunners at 3/1.

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"The rumor that Elba is in line to play James Bond has endured for years.

The star said: “By the time they make a decision [on Bond] I’ll be dead.

So no one need worry any more.”Perhaps auditions are going on at MGM, but the actors can’t say anything?

Saturday afternoon in late spring, and the Farmers' Market in London's Notting Hill neighborhood is bustling: People mill about the tents and tables, blissfully shopping for organically grown tomatoes, raw milk, and little gem lettuce.

A white Range Rover pulls up and Idris Elba steps onto the sidewalk.