Webley firearms dating

04 Jan

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rear sight, barrel latch secured by screw instead of pin, 100-degree grip slant ("straight grip"), improved piston seal, sliding barrel latch, manual safety, 8.5 in. No part of this information may be reproduced in any form whatsoever, by photograph, mimeograph, fax transmission or any other mechanical or electronic means.

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Last of the traditional forged steel blued Webley air pistols. series E or F, production date stamped (LH side of grip frame under grips). 1974.- .177 or .22 cal., TL, SP, SS, 420/330 FPS, plastic grips with RH thumb rest, adj. - .177 or .22 cal., TL, SP, SS, similar to Hurricane, except intended for youth and persons with smaller hands, 360/280 FPS, plastic grips, adj. Blue Book of Black Powder Firearm Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms is available as a stand-alone online subscription or as part of the popular Three-Pack Firearm subscription that also includes access to the Blue Book of Gun Values and Blue Book of Airguns databases.

The top strap in engraved "ALEX R Martin 20 Exchange Sq re Glasgow & 12 Union S #, Aberdeen, . You may get a feel for its current value by doing a search under one of the sale websites to see what similar revolvers have brought in recent times (asking prices aren't the same as market values).

Retailer-marked commercial guns are probably worth more than plain commercial guns, but of course condition, provenance and your location may have some bearing on this.

If it is marked Mark I, and has not been altered to .45ACP, it is worth a minimum of 0.

Alex Martin was bought out by Dickson in Edinburgh, but they are unresponsive to queries.