Webcam traps

22 Nov

The show this year is at the Crown Plaza Hotel, located at 1177 Airport Boulevard, Burlingame, CA 94010.ASC will be providing their signature Tube Trap bass traps. We had a great turnout at the RSPE event on June 26th.

Listening to an album they frequently use to demo sound equipment, they heard a low level voice in the background of a track.

In addition to applications in hunting and wildlife viewing, research applications include studies of nest ecology, detection of rare species, estimation of population size and species richness, as well as research on habitat use and occupation of human-built structures.

The great advantage of camera traps is that they can record very accurate data without the photographed animal.

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is proud to be working with X3MHC of Norway. You can see their ad here on the front page of a Norwegian Hi-Fi forum.

Hi-Fi Sentralen Acoustic Sciences Corporation is providing custom acoustic treatment for the show rooms at the 2012 California Audio Show!