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30 Nov

It was that older man Mc Call believed was "playing" with him online."I had decided very early on that I would speak to this guy and I would play his game, and again, see where he was going with this, where he wanted to go with this, and what his end game was, why he initially contacted me and what his motives were, so I played along," Mc Call told the court."The ‘chats' were thrill-seeking and it was clear Mr. Mc Call was actively grooming ‘Julie' for improper sexual purposes for his own sexual gratification when he knew or believed that she was under the age of 16." Mc Call was arrested in June 2009 while he was chatting with Julie online at his office in downtown Vancouver, where he worked as a security manager for a large building.

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A Vancouver man has been found guilty of luring an underage girl through Facebook, despite his protestations that he thought he was talking to a middle-aged man.

Raymond Kelly Mc Call was a 40-year-old married father of one when he became the target of an undercover online investigation by Vancouver police in April 2009.

Instead, he said he thought he was talking with an adult man who was "playing a game" with him.

That suspicion dated back to online conversations with another teenage girl, who told Mc Call that she performed oral sex on an older man in a hotel room.