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05 Nov

The Veevers-Carter and Joynt families are friends dating back to when their son, Mark Veevers-Carter, and my son, Spencer Joynt, were in high school together at Georgetown Day School and have remained tight.Mark went off to college at Vanderbilt and is now in Manhattan, living on Mulberry Street, with a nice perch in investment banking.

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Some members stayed with the orchestra for several decades.

You wake up excited each day for the possibilities.

It’s work – the hardest and most all-consuming work of your life – but it’s not drudgery.

Rory, who is British and American, calls himself an “entrepreneur” and has a resume that backs up the claim.

He’s created companies, including job recruiting, weather forecasting and travel businesses, he’s been involved in start-ups, in branding and marketing, venture capital and angel funding and an intriguing line of work called “cross cultural negotiations.” When Washingtonians claim something like that I always assume it is CIA, but Rory’s life has been more interesting. In a village of many houses with history it is the only one that has a boldface culinary pedigree. Before the sale it was under lease to tenants who paid approximately ,400 a month.