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08 Jan

brb May 31 Python interface unloaded**** ENDING LOGGING AT Tue May 31 2011 **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue May 31 2011 May 31 * Now talking on #pure-elite May 31 * Topic for #pure-elite is: [p E] security research and development. Vortex is the proper term for any whirlpool that has a downdraft. More powerful ones are more properly termed maelstroms.With this Zikula chat Extension, webmaster will be assist to integrate Zikula CMS with 123 Flash chat seamlessly & securely, and add a free chat room into Zikula CMS instantly.Features of FREE Zikula Chat1) Auto-login After successful integration, Zikula website users could auto-login the chat Room of 123 Flash chat. It uses by default files for message and nickname storage. e107 chat Plugin is used to integrate e107 Database with 123 Flash chat Software to add a live chat room in website.

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With email, they can communicate faster with other internet users, wherever they may be in the world.

With Smartgroups, users can easily create private or open-membership discussion groups with family members and friends.

To ensure compliance, Wanadoo has implemented a moderator system that goes well beyond minimal legal requirements.

The system is based on key-word detection capability, the work of a large team of moderators, visits to personal web sites with high visitation rates, and follow-up of complaints filed by internet users themselves.