Walmart employee dating policy

03 Sep

Sam Walton, one of two brothers who founded Walmart, had 4 children, and his eldest son, “Rob,” became Chairman of the Board of Directors upon Sam’s death in 1992.Recently, Walmart was back in the headlines when Rob’s son-in-law took over as Chairman of the Board in June 2015.Can someone involved with that particular position provide me with unbias/balanced feedback of your experiances working with Walmart and this position .thanks I have worked for Wal Mart as an associate in Lawn & Garden and now work in Electronics and I really like working there.They cuss so much I have a headache working aroung them-Even if there are customers they cuss.The thing i cant tolerate the most is how they treat walmart property by throwing it,throwing it from one isle to another-They claim to have an open door policy however when I complained I was the one sent home-I feel like I am in a twighlight zone however I need to work and hopefully walmart will see that these girls are not true assets to the company-plus I have never been a quiter!! I was not fired and have no intention of ever returning.

The retailer, which two years ago raised its starting wage for store workers ti per hour as part of a .7 billion program, is shortening the training required to get to an hourly wage of to three months from six, the Walmart reported its eighth straight quarter of U. comparable sales in November, an improvement it has said comes from more engaged workers it is having to pay more in a tighter labor market. 18th, while longtime employees who are maxed out in how much their job description allows them to make will get a onetime lump sum of 2% of their annual pay.I pray things will get better, I love the work I do I jut hope I can find away to accept and deal with these issues-Thank you for listening I have been a licensed real estate broker and former owner of a RE/MAX office. With the state of the economy, I took a part-time job at Walmart to fill a gap in the real estate business. However, if anyone is thinking of going there for employment, run for your life!!! If you are not a person who is strong of character, Walmart will beat you down.Contrary to conventional wisdom, and despite the danger of sexual harassment, there's a lot of loving going on in the office. Except with respect to Wal-Mart’s policy to comply with state laws that forbid persons younger than a specified age from selling alcohol, Wal-Mart’s policies intended to prevent sales of tobacco products to underage persons shall, beginning on the Effective Date, be no less stringent or comprehensive than policies intended to prevent sales of alcohol to persons too young to buy alcohol legally. Within sixty (60) days after the Effective Date, or upon hiring if that occurs thereafter, Wal-Mart shall provide to each store employee (1) a copy in written or electronic form of all of the youth-access policies with which that employee must comply, and (2) copies in written or electronic form of all of the youth-access policies with which store employees in the same store who are supervised (either directly or through an intermediate supervisor) by that employee must comply.