Vintage scarves identifying fabric and dating

29 Aug

As many of us know, the Hermes brand started as a harness and bridle workshop for horses in Paris in 1837.

Thierry Hermes catered to the elite of Europe, and eventually the company expanded into other leather goods (handbags, clothing, etc.).

The 8342 Simplicity pattern is part of the new season range, and whilst not vintage or reproduction, you can’t deny it’s sassy, rockabilly, 1950s appeal.

I spent every Christmas at this very table with the entire family until 2002.

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Most vintage fabrics that you find will be from the 1930s through the 1970s, although it is possible to find yardage from the late 1800s as well.

These fabrics may have been found stored in someone's attic or they might have come from bolts of fabric found in some manufacturer's storage room, where they had been long forgotten.