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01 Nov

Artistul Christian Rosa apare si el acoperit doar de un prosop. ( pe Desi a aparut de 14 ori pe coperta revistei Playboy, Pamela s-a reinventat si duce acum o cruciada impotriva pornografiei: "Din propria experienta, am vazut cat de cat de daunatoare este pentru un cuplu situatia cand ai alaturi o femeie superba, vie, minunata, in lenjerie intima, iar sotul se retrage intr-o camera, cu computerul sau." Castiguri din prima luna! In interviul care a insotit fotografiile, majoritatea selfie-uri facute de Christian Rosa, Pamela a dezvaluit si cine sunt femeile care au inspirat-o cel mai mult in viata. Cautam urgent colaboratori care vor sa castige (part-time) (full-time), acum, din prima luna!

Over the years, I've gotten better at relating to people in real life, but I still struggle occasionally. Vina, and it's basically Tinder for making friends.

Everyday I am faced with the problem of answering a bunch of messages across every social media platform, asking more or less the same questions.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been trying my best to answer each and every message I get, trying to make each reply as personal as the other.

I’ll check in whenever I can to respond to all your questions in the comment box below.

Oh, just to keep things organized, I will delete the question if it has already been asked and answered.