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16 Aug

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Abandonment Rates: A measurement of the number of job applicants that start but do not finish completing a job application on a company’s ATS (applicant tracking system).

When job-seekers start the process and then drop out, that’s a failure for the employer.

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HR departments may use this feedback to help develop an individual’s skill or they may integrate it into performance management programs.

There is also a plenary panel-discussion at the end. Nonetheless, many of the presentations will be deliverred in English and some will be in Croatian, depending on the particular speaker.

Hard to imagine a guy from India speaking Croatian, but then you never know.

No, we don’t sell delegates’ details as leads to third parties (sorry Sponsors! Naturally, we keep your data on our secured servers, as we will keep you posted about next edition of the HR & PEOPLE ANALYTICS FORUM in 2018.

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