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15 Sep

The Obama administration has extended its crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants, notifying 500 companies across the nation in recent weeks that the government will inspect their hiring records.

The audits of employee records by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)can result in civil and criminal penalties and can lead firms to lose large numbers of employees, face lower productivity and steep legal fees.

As a result, the next 2 billion people probably will do disproportionately Population growth has a direct impact on sustainable development.

Yet, very often the connection is not being made nor is it talked about.

It notes that there are reasons to rejoice – falling fertility rates as well as an increase in life expectancy denotes that many educational and healthcare initiatives have taken effect.

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We’ll hear from people who attended the march too. part of his Get Bucked Australia Tour, Christian spoke to adult film star, advocate, transman, Buck Angel. Gala Vanting joins Christian in the studio to talk about how money plays out in the lives of sex workers.The UN released a report that emphasizes the need for careful planning to support our growing population.These include supporting education, women’s welfare, and urban planning, and addressing water shortages, as well as ensuring access to healthcare.He notes that although there has been a reduction in birth rates, it is not nearly enough.It is projected that the Earth will have to support 2 billion additional people by 2050.