Validating radio button checked Filipina adult dating site

16 Dec

This method, while far more cumbersome, allows a single error prompt.

Although I've used radio buttons in the last few examples, the same concepts can be applied to checkbox groups as well.

This page will walk through Angular 2 radio button and checkbox example.

<p> <input type="radio" value="male" name="gender" [ng Model]="user.gender" > Male <input type="radio" value="female" name="gender" [ng Model]="user.gender" > Female </p> <p> <input type="checkbox" name="tc" [ng Model]="TCAccepted" > </p> <form [form Group]="user Form" (ng Submit)="on Form Submit()"> <p> <input type="radio" value="male" form Control Name="gender"> Male <input type="radio" value="female" form Control Name="gender"> Female </p> <p> <input type="checkbox" form Control Name="tc"> </p> </form> <h3> Template Driven Form</h3> <p *ng If="is Valid Form Submitted" [ng Class] = "'success'"> Form submitted successfully.

</p> <form #user Form="ng Form" (ng Submit)="on Form Submit(user Form)"> <table> <tr> <td> Name:</td> <td> <input name="uname" [ng Model]="Name" required #uname="ng Model"> <div *ng If="uname.invalid && user Form.submitted && !