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23 Jan

A young high school girl, Liz Parker, is shot by a stray bullet at her family's restaurant, yet is healed by a secretive student that goes to her school.

This student turns out to be an alien/human hybrid...who, as it so happens, has fallen in love with Liz.

Because our college was located in the mountains of North Carolina, we didn't have enough local TV stations for UPN to have its own channel. If it hadn't been for that chance encounter, I might never have gotten attached to UPN's far-too-short-lived show.

Well, what about a TV series that many respectable TV critics admired, had great producers behind it, and had a strong gathering of fans to keep it afloat, AND was renewed at least twice by nothing less than a sheer network miracle..had a cast so arrogantly flippant, they treated every renewal notice with total disdain.

Yes, this is a true story, when thinking of the WB/UPN sci-fi drama, Roswell. First, as always, let's discuss the positives: What Went Right? Praised by many critical sources at the time, including Techtite.com, this series concept was unique, inspired, and best of all, very promising.

For us, the local FOX station had agreed to air UPN's programming at whatever time it could be fit into the schedule. Unfortunately, when ratings figures didn't immediately show up as highly as had been hoped, Legend was quickly in danger of being canceled.

The fact that UPN was still in its first few months of programming didn't seem to matter.