Updating zone

31 Dec

Latest firmware can be found at Ruckus Wireless Support website at https://support.ruckuswireless.com/Choose the "Downloads" and then choose the Zone Director model. 0 will indicate first release in that series and won't be recommended unless you want latest features.)3.

Recommended firmware version to use (recommended firmware will be a maintenance release in the format of a.b.c.d.e where c will not be 0.

Hopefully I didn't miss this in the search I just ran looking for this topic. Here's a screenshot from the app showing the fact that the schedule updated today (6/30) and there are some zones that will run but it's unclear which ones will run - there will definitely be more than the 3 shown, but there's no way to see that until after they've run.

Also, I've got pics of the tiles that show the dates when the zones are scheduled to run.

When I was creating my beacon-starter application that I blogged about here, I came across a problem that I had not encountered before in any of my Ionic apps.

In my component I subscribe to an event which is fired when beacons are discovered.

My code was (originally): What I expected to happen here was that my beacons array (which was represented on my template using *ng For in the standard way) would be refreshed with the values from my beacon objects.

Additionally, a simple bulleted list of zones whose schedule has changed would be nice.Once you decide on the firmware version to use, download the file to your local machine.Login to the ZD and go to the Administer -- Upgrade page.This is only useful if you use private addresses in your network.In case you use public addresses, you want your DNS to forward that information to public DNS servers.