Updating your nim file sets

10 Dec

In ALL references from here on out through the rest of the guide, I am going to presume our “NIM master” machine is a dedicated “NIM master” and nothing else.

The previous script backs up the VIOS to a bootable mksysb file.Though this is intended to be a great reference and training guide, I’m just trying to have some fun with teaching people how to setup NIM - so don’t expect a boring read.....hopefully you’ll be impressed with how easy NIM can actually be.For a more advanced, “official,” or higher level guide you can check out the recently released redbook : and type in SG24-7296-00 in the search field on the upper right hand side of the page.It covers both the switching of the node to a completely different image or updated the current image.It is not meant to be an exhaustive presentation of all options that are available to x CAT/AIX system administrators.