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15 Oct

Nothing is intended to impart specific advice to any individual’s situation nor is anything discussed regarding federal court review of Less-Than-Honorable Discharges or correction of military records. The Discharge Review and Correction Boards There are two separate Boards for each service branch that reviews discharges — The Discharge Review Board and the Board for Correction of Military/Naval Records.

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After a plan to enlist in the Canadian Army fell through, Walt signed up with the American Ambulance Corps, a division of the Red Cross, by lying about his age.These Boards have jurisdiction over discharges issued within fifteen years of the date of application.The Review Boards cannot review a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharge issued as part of the sentence of a General Court-Martial, but they can review all others including Bad Conduct Discharges issued as part of the sentence of a Special-Court Martial.The legend about Walt Disney’s dishonorable discharge seems to have begun with the notion that he hung his release from the Red Cross upside-down behind his desk.Even though neither Walt’s Red Cross release nor anything else was hung upside-down in his office, the rumor of the upside-down certificate somehow got started and was taken as a sign of Disney’s displeasure with his experience in France; over time his volunteer duty with the Red Cross (a civilian organization) was mistaken for actual military service, and his release was transformed into a dishonorable discharge.