Updating virtualcenter

04 Oct

If you are a v RA user, you must upgrade the Client Integration Plug-in and SSO only. Hence, it is not necessary to upgrade the v Center Server explicitly.Features and known issues of v Center Server are described in the release notes for each release.So without further to do, here are some Windows Server 2012 (and perhaps even Windows 8) tips to get you started.

There is not an ETA due to the review but we hope to release an update to Fling that includes this fix very soon. Engineering has a fix for this and is currently in the process of testing the fix along with legal review.I have also had the pleasure in talking to some of these customers who have been successful in migrating off of their Windows v Center Server (both large and small) and onto the v Center Server Appliance (VCSA) and sharing additional feedback they may have about the Fling and how we can further improve.Given the popularity of this topic, I thought it would be useful to aggregate some of the learning's, tidbits and workarounds that have been discovered in the past 6months to help any new or even existing users who might be interested in trying out the Fling.A recent request came through to assist with the post build procedures of a large ESX and v Center rollout.One task was to remove the manual effort to create and assign the Roles and Permissions within v Center.