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09 Nov

Errors might occur when updating the schema, for example, if new schema requires a foreign key creating but existing data doesn't fit into this new constraint.

See schema validation for a list of current valid operations and limitations.

See Doctrine's Reserved SQL keywords documentation for details on how to properly escape these names.

We’re happy to announce the release of our May 2017 schema change today!

Doctrine's sole goal is to give you powerful tools to make database interactions easy and flexible.

d) Generate the SQL Script needed to update the database schema 2.

Execute the SQL Script in the database, unless command execution is disabled (see Generating SQL Script) (*) for Aurelius to properly import database schema, you need to register a schema importer according to the database server you are connecting to. If command execution is disabled, this method behaves exactly as the Validate Database method.

Read how to update the database schema in Drupal 6 & 7 If your module is making a data model change related to database schema that your module defines with hook_schema(), then you need to properly update your data model.

The two steps are: Sometimes your data model changes mean that you need to update the data within a table, rather than (or in addition to) changing the database schema itself.