Updating rooted g1 phone

27 Nov

Some people had NFC inside their smartphones — but were unable to use it because the OS didn’t let them.A lot of us wanted to take screen captures so we could include images of apps or settings in our articles — but that wasn’t easy to do, and usually required a 3rd-party app and root-level permissions.First of all, installing the custom ROM will void your warranty if any.Also, there might be a chance that, you may brick your phone if things won’t go smoothly.

In contrast, Apple doesn’t allow apps that require jailbreaking to be listed in the App Store.

Now, Users still hanging on the first generation can get the next version of Android via CM13.

Recommended : How to Install Android 7.1 Nougat on Moto G 1st Generation Phone You need following things to remember before installing the Custom ROM Android 6.0 on your Moto G phone.

Follow the third section "What To Do Now That You Have Root" at this page, To ensure you did it correctly, turn on the phone while pressing camera button, and you should see three androids standing on skateboards, a different picture from the previous image. f=24&t=241&rb_v=viewtopic and pick the right zip file, put on your sd card, rename to update.zip, and use the recovery image to update the userland.

Make sure do a wipe (Alt W) before updating (Alt S).