Updating roof antenna in co ops

24 Aug

The Mimosa C5 is an easy, rugged and blazing fast endpoint client device for the most deployment applications in the highly scalable Mimosa C5 multipoint solution.

Incorporating unique Multi-User MIMO technology, and TDMA client technology for the Mimosa GPS sync enabled network, the C5 enables the fastest speeds and most scalable wireless access solution available today.

Solar co-ops have popped up across the country as a way for homeowners to get discounts on systems by offering a contractor more work in centralized area.

Frederick County’s homeowners saved approximately 20 percent through bulk purchasing with the co-op.

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In those situations, the board will appraise the space and sell it to the renovating shareholder (along with additional shares in the building, if it’s a co-op).

Now you can choose the plan that’s right for you based on how much you use the Internet.

Here’s how it works: Everything you do online involves the transfer of data.

Nowadays, however, New York residents are coming up with even more inventive ways to squeeze some coin out of any dead space — a cellar, an unused utility closet, a staircase or even a rooftop antenna.

“We call it ‘searching for hidden assets,'” said James Samson, a partner at the real estate firm Samson, Fink & Dubow, and an expert on tapping the value of condo and co-op dead space.