Updating recepticle

03 Oct

In addition, we’ve fixed the bug in which the tank was occasionally spawned as a solid object others could collide with, instead of being transparent.We’re are also continuously gathering statistics and logs on the “immortal tanks” issue, and are trying to fix it asap. This document covers some of the more detailed aspects of configuration and administration.

The tip will not be displayed to veterans but they can see it by pressing F1.

At the same time, no specific strategy or team comp depends on Maokai’s particular set of skills to succeed.

When he’s weaker than other tanks on average, he vanishes off the face of the earth.

The Toolkit is still relatively technical, so we imagine that the person handling the configuration and administration is a sysadmin, pipeline/tools developer or TD.

Before we start getting into details, we would recommend that you read through the following document if you haven't already!