Updating openoffice in lenny

11 Sep

requirements: Tex4ht ( As of Ly X 1.5.3 (possibly even 1.5.1), when the "htlatex" program is installed (from the Tex4ht package), Ly X can automatically detect the program and install the Open Document converter automatically.Nothing more is necessary, it's all configured automatically when Ly X is reconfigured by [Tools]-, as documented here:

Tag me PDF properties and/or delete any \usepackage in the preamble. If lyx presents you with a "file not found" error box every time you attempt to preview in Open Document, your La Te X install may have a corrupt file.In the middle of installation the following message popped-up: ´´Implementation Registration::register Implementation() The service star.loader.Python cannot be instantiated´´ I close the mesage and the installation progress bars proceeds until the end. this launches the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment from where you can start all installed Debian application.Alternatively, you can start Debian applications from XTerminal with "debbie" (see below). This will make the "Move Window" cursor appear (a cross with four arrows).