Updating old group policy templates

19 Jan

First of all, you have to specify the rule of grouping the computers in the WSUS console (targeting).By default, the computers in the WSUS console are distributed into groups manually by the server administrator (server-side targeting).In one of the previous articles we have described the installation of a WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 in detail.The next step – configure Windows clients to use a deployed WSUS server.Enabling the policy forces the icons to be visible, and disabling turns the icons off.Like most policies, setting this option removes the ability for end users to change the setting.

This happens because the JRE automatic update feature is enabled by default.I have rights to the folder (Domain admin, I even made myself owner of the folder to see if that made a difference) but I keep getting "Access Denied" where I can either Retry or Ignore (Of course, retry just brings up the same message).Prior to the message popping up, I do get a UAC prompt to run as administrator, which I do, then this message comes up.After you create a template and compress the files into a file, you may want to modify the template.You can do this by manually changing the files in the template, or by exporting a new template from a project that is based on the template.