Updating old cabinets

25 Sep

you simply remove your existing cabinet doors and hardware, leaving your existing boxes and face frames in place.

Meg’s tip: “Countertops on opposite walls shouldn’t be more than eight feet apart,” she says. Meg gave the floral fabric an iron-on vinyl coating so they can be cleaned with a Windex wipe-down after meals. The first and simplest option for renovating old kitchen cabinets is to simply replace the hardware on your existing cabinets.“Any wider and you’ll want an island in between them.” Meg picked dark-stained cork for the floors. Meg created a custom fixture by hanging a cluster of mercury glass pendants at different heights over the dining table. It's a simple and inexpensive option for your old cabinets that can update their look with ease.If you are looking for a change with a little more impact, but your old cabinets still just need a facelift, you can sand down their surfaces and repaint or re-stain them.If you do need to remove the slides, mark them and their locations as well.Even if they don't look dirty, grease and grime have likely worked their way into the surface of your cabinets.