Updating lg veiwty

08 Jan

iphone memory is too small and i would like a phone with a better camera to be honest, and also something that can take video, the iphone can't can it? (i'm happy to use 2 memory cards for a bigger memory so one is just music and the other can be videos pictures etc) Viewty is the best touchscreen mobile phone with 5 mega pixel camera, auto focus strobe flash and card slot up to 2 GB. My friend is using LG viewty for six month and till now she has not faced any problem regarding this cell phone. Heyy all, Does anyone know if LG Veiwty or Prada work with LG.The LG-KU990 (known and marketed as the LG Viewty) was a mobile phone manufactured by LG Electronics, released in 2007. A successor, the LG Viewty Smart, was released in June 2009.The phone's main selling point was its 5-megapixel digital camera with Schneider Kreuznach optics, Xenon flash, autofocus, and a digital image stabilizer.The ideal size and shape for the Viewty is a portrait image, measuring 240 by 400 pixels.To set the image as a default screen - and one that will appear instead of any theme you have selected - follow these instructions: The Viewty (its proper name is KU990), combines phone, camera and portable music player, but takes it one step further as it can edit photos.

Physically, the inner camera lens seemed to be slightly smaller.The LG KU990 Viewty may be limited in terms of installing third-party themes but it's still easy to customize with your own backgrounds - 'or wallpapers' - on many of the key screens.You can either edit existing images on your Viewty to fit the screen - or you can create them yourself so they fit exactly and then transfer them across to the handset by Bluetooth or the USB cable.The organizer in the phone could only store 100 calendar events which helps sync phone calendars with Google Calendar (though it does work by using instructions for LG Arena).Also some public customer reviews of the LG Viewty stated concerns over poor battery life, mainly due to the large touchscreen.