Updating java mac os x dahilan ng pagdating ng kastila sa pilipinas

02 Feb

Note that installing the JDK on OS X is performed on a system wide basis, for all users, and administrator privileges are required. To install a lower version of the JRE, first uninstall the current version as described in "Uninstalling the JRE".

The one exception is that the system will not replace the current JRE with a lower version.

It is possible for the version of the JRE to be different than the version of the JDK.

The system will not install a JRE that has a lower version than the current version.For those that do need Java however, you will find it’s easy to get onto the latest versions of Mac OS.As you may know by now, Mac OS no longer ships with Java preinstalled, so you’ll need to download and install java on your own if you need it in Mac OS 10.13 or 10.12.The best approach to install Java on the Mac is to get the latest version of Java JRE directly from Oracle.This is fairly straight forward and you can either initiate the process from the terminal application in mac OS or by going directly to the Java download page on Oracles website.